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Domestic Downstream Operations

Domestic Downstream Operations

In non-saturated markets we have established a local presence to import and supply directly to the local downstream operators and end-consumers. These activities are managed by our local teams supported by the financial, trading and risk-management capabilities of the group.

Since 2017 Maddox is actively trading in the Ukrainian market out of our office in Kiev. We are mainly supplying Diesel 10ppm and Jet Fuel either in the south via sea through storage facilities in Odessa, Yuzhni, Kherson or in the north by rail from inland refineries.

Maddox Bulgaria was established in 2017 in Sofia to support our supply and import activities to the west-Balkan markets. We supply mainly Diesel 10ppm by sea but also trading Bio-Diesel and other petroleum products. In addition, we are also involved in financing and storing of Strategic Reserve.

Since the establishment of Maddox we have been actively supplying the Georgian market with Diesel 10ppm, Gasoline RON 95 and RON 92 and other end-consumer products. In 2018 Maddox financed the construction of an inland Depot with a capacity of 30.000 cbm to receive end-consumer products by rail and re-distribute them by truck. In 2019 we established our own subsidiary in Tblisi to be able to better satisfy the needs of our local clients and to capture additional value by supplying to end-consumer